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About Us

With competition so fierce, in order to gain the competitive edge, it is imperative to give customers what They Are looking for , The better The service and quality the more likely the customer will return and refer his friends and family .

CS&T Hospitality will Supply well-trained staff members to pose as an ordinary customer, shop your location and evaluate from beginning to end their overall shopping experience. Upon completing the mystery shop, our professional shopper will complete an evaluation that will be customized to specifically meet your needs and expectations. The Shopper will then return the evaluation to our corporate office for further auditing, analyzing and reporting.

Our Vision
We measure the customer experience and provide the highest quality, most credible information in a timely manner, that becomes uniquely actionable and far more effective .

Our Mission
CS&T Hospitality is dedicated to delivering excellence at every level through our partnership with clients, employees, and shoppers built on a foundation of respect, integrity and communication.

That is why CS&T focuses on industries where “People”, “Products” and “Hospitality” come together .


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